Our 60th Reunion is on hold till June 9, 2022 due to the Pandemic however we will continue the vision and determination of our past into our future. To celebrate our 60th anniversary, the class of 1961 continues to team up with the class of 2011.

14 years ago we adopted them uniting under the numbers “611”. Together we are endowing a new legacy that  speaks to the joint values of Lehigh shared by both our classes. Each year the 611 Merit Scholarship Award will offer financial assistance to a worthy student for their junior and senior years while exemplifying how 2 classes continue to add luster to Lehigh’s name. We challenge future classes to follow our example.

Follow our endowment progress on Facebook page .

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Summer 2021

Bob wants your latest news. Email him at See below, call or text him at 562 400 4826.

Bummer! Our 60th Reunion was postponed until June, 2022. Well, so be it. At least President Paul Smith’s email generated lots of fresh news, more than I can actually squeeze into this single column. But don’t let that discourage the rest of you from writing to me; I have three more columns to fill before we get together on campus and share news face-to-face.
I’ve been working with Paul, Ed Walters, Dave Hapke and Toby James on a proposed endowment to be dedicated to the University at the Reunion. It will recognize the important role that Lehigh has played in our lives, and establish a permanent legacy for our great Class. I hope that you will be able to lend your support to this important effort (see lu61.com)
Tom Parliament blames the pandemic for cancellation of his plans last year to visit Machu Pichu in Peru, take a Mediterranean cruise, and tour Scandinavia. He and his lady friend reside in Mahwah, Bergen County, NJ, but winter in a 55+ community near Tampa, FL. He has two daughters, both living in the DC area.
One of Ken Larsen’s favorite Lehigh stories is when, some 40 years ago, he introduced his high school wrestling son Rick to Lehigh’s national champion Mark Lieberman, ’79, at a Chicago Lehigh Club dinner. Young Rick was thrilled when Mark looked him in the eyes and asked “Are you a wrestler?” Ken is now living alone in Willow Springs, IL, having lost his wife five years ago. But both of his sons and their families live nearby, forest hiking trails are handy, the train to the Loop is walking distance, and a brewery is within 100 yards. “How much more could a Lehigh grad want?”
Doug Braendel drove all the way from Pennsylvania to Georgia to get a haircut during the pandemic! Well, not exactly. His kids live in Georgia and in Florida, so he and his wife hopped in their car four times last year to visit them, where he got groomed twice in the open barber shops down south. Their third child lives in Germany (too far for a haircut!). He serves on the boards of PA Pro-Life Federation and Orphan Voice, a ministry in Viet Nam. During tax season he helps seniors fill out their Federal tax returns.
Murry Cohen has travelled widely to all of the countries in Europe except Moldavia and Belarus. He is concerned over the rising anti-Semitism in Europe, reminding him of loathsome confrontations in his youth. He retired from psychiatric practice three years ago. He is now active in the animal rights movement, and is President of the Board of In Defense of Animals.
In 1988, David Daniels and his wife Dana moved to Guildford Surrey, England, where he became a high school teacher and department head at the American Community School just south of London. They have lived there ever since. Dave looks back proudly on his “worthy and interesting” 54 year teaching career. He earned a master in English at Rutgers, and spent most of his career on this side of the pond at East Aurora High School in upstate New York. He promises to fly back for our 60th Reunion next year.
Unfortunately, Pete Wright won’t make it back to the Reunion from Seattle, since he is in care giving mode for wife Nancy who suffers from Alzheimer’s. He fondly reminded me of the hoagie man’s visits to Dravo in our freshman year, much to the pleasure of Pete Apsey, Bob Rothkopf, Charlie Slinghoff, Bob Meyer and Jim Rhodes. “Ah, sweet youth!”

Robert Paternoster
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Bob wants your latest news. Email him at See below, call or text him at 562 400 4826.

Phil Mezey and wife are hunkered down in Fort Meyers, Florida, waiting for the Covid-19 pandemic to pass. Like most of us, he’s hoping it’s behind us by June so that we can gather again in Bethlehem to enjoy our 60th Reunion. Sixty years! Can you believe it!?!
I’ve been communicating regularly with Class President Paul Smith, who’s also snow birding in Florida and enjoying the fresh air on the links. He expects the University to make a decision about this year’s reunion by mid-March. Hoping for the best, he’s well into planning for the event. Friday, June 11, will be the All Class Dinner. The Class of ‘61 will swing into high gear on Saturday morning, with the Parade of Classes and the Alumni Awards. Our Class Symposium will be held in the afternoon, providing an update from key faculty members on current programs at Lehigh and a report from our 611 Challenge Scholarship Committee (Paul, Ed Walters and Dave Hapke) on a proposed endowment plan to keep alive our joint scholarship program with the Class of 2011. Not to be missed is the Class Dinner and Party Saturday evening. A word of warning: this year’s reunion will be combined with the deferred reunion from last year, meaning that there will be twice as many alumni invited. So, reserve your hotel room as soon as the Class of ’61 hotel is designated! (Stay up to date via our website, lu61.com)
Paul reports that Rich Bradley is recovering from a serious bicycle accident, but he plans to be up and running (and biking again) by the June Reunion. Paul also referred me to Rich Miller’s Facebook page, which features a picture of the bonefish he caught when Paul visited him in the Keys. Rich gathers his clan of four generations in Florida each winter, and then reassembles them in Ohio in the summer. John Van Deusen enjoys most of his life these days in Colorado, but still maintains his place in the Big Apple. Like many of us, he and his wife had to cancel their Fall vacation to Europe due to Covid.
Here goes a complete update on Phi Delts, courtesy of Roy Martins. Tom and Ronna Whitten hang out in Denver, where Tom has become an accomplished painter and an avid skier. Lee Keiser makes his home in Chicago, but is constantly travelling around the world. Art Rogers has moved into a retirement complex on the East Coast of Florida. Philadelphia wouldn’t be the same without Dick Bookbinder’s cheesecakes, which Lee and Bookie still bake and sell. Ken and Barbara Smith just made a big move — from one home on Lehigh’s hilltop campus to another, just across the road. Except for the heavy items, they moved most of their things with a shopping cart! And Roy, himself, has moved. He and Vonnie are still in the San Diego area, but in a smaller home with a nice garden, where they grow fresh vegetables year-round.
Myron Olstein wrote to encourage us all to participate in clinical trials, as he and his wife Sherry have been doing in the National Capital Region. Living in Falls Church, VA, near the National Institute for Health, they have participated in numerous such studies, including testing of the high speed MRI machine for heart imaging, the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine trial, and the All of Us study on steroids. The Olsteins are now empty nesters, as both David and Nanci have recently left home for professional jobs in New York City and Madison, WI, respectively.
Hope to see you all on Old South Mountain in June!

Robert Paternoster
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611 Scholarship Info

The 611 Merit Scholarship Award is presented to the members of ’61 through a Steering Committee of members noted below. At the same time members of ’11 have initiated a parallel program in a similar fashion. Both class committees work together as needed.

Previously the 611 award was set-up by ’61 in partnership with ’11 to recognize outstanding undergraduate achievements, academic excellence, contributions to Lehigh, service to the local or international community and overall involvement with Lehigh and its future. Accordingly, these criteria for selection will be applied to the merit scholarship.

Our expectation is that the important overall involvement with the university will be demonstrated by each awardee after graduation with both financial contributions and the encouragement of classmates to be avid Lehigh supporters. The scholarship will be granted annually for a worthy student’s junior and senior years.

As a foundation for the award, we are seeking classmates who would make a one time donation up to $6,000 and also to designate a $10,000 bequest from their estate to Lehigh. All classmates are asked to contribute annually to the endowment as well as consider the $10,000 bequest.  There will be a second solicitation in 2022. We expect to offer a scholarship this academic year using the remaining funds in the previous award.

We are working with the class of 2011 to continue our relationship by having its members as annual contributors to the endowment and also making $10,000 estate bequests. Winners of previous 611 awards will also be asked to participate. A joint committee from both classes have posted a Facebook page that will serve to highlight our mutual progress.

We believe establishing this endowment will enable our class, as well as our partners in 2011, to leave an indeliblle mark as important contributors to Lehigh’s future by helping the development of potential new alumni leaders. By combining support from classes joined by adoption we have added to the legacy of 2 classes and challenge adopting classes of the future to do the same. For more information feel free to contact any member of the Steering Committee by email.

Paul Smith <paul@timezoneus.com>

Ed Watters <eaw3jd@gmail.com>

Dave Hapke <hagr1@aol.com>

Bob Paternoster <robertpaternoster@yahoo.com>

Toby James <ptjames@swbell.net>

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