The Ethics Endowment is alive and well at Lehigh


61ers- Bookmark this website and visit it often.

61 should take pride in the continued development of our endowment in the study of ethical behavior.

Below is a memo sent to all students about 3 sessions on this subject. If you can, make it a point to come to Lehigh for one of these. It is really exciting to mingle with the undergrads and learn about their experience at Lehigh today.

Look for an eblast about the 3 dates for Ethics

To:         Students

cc:         Faculty and Staff

From:    Sharon Basso, Associate Vice Provost
for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Jerry Lennon, Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs

As the new semester begins, we encourage you to be active in fostering academic integrity on our campus to promote intellectual honesty and respect for intellectual property.  We strive to provide an environment that encourages the ethical pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

As a community of learners, we know that humans make errors in judgment at times. The best cure for academic dishonesty is prevention and understanding. This year faculty are being asked to engage students in discussions to assist their understanding of the distinctions between acceptable and non-acceptable actions. To aid in these discussions, they may consider  the use of one or more ethical vignettes made available to them through CourseSite. Greg Reihman, Director of Faculty Development, developed five short vignettes describing cases where student actions bring into question issues of academic integrity.  These vignettes [available at], including outcomes, are all based on actual cases that have come before the University Committee on Discipline.

Additional resources on academic integrity for students and faculty are available here. Included are sample syllabus statements for different course types that faculty can consider including in their course syllabi to outline their expectations and policies. You’ll also find information about’s plagiarism detection service for both faculty and students. The web resources also provide an understanding of the student Code of Conduct’s expectations, ways to report violations of the Code, and the thoughtful adjudication of Code violations to which the Dean of Students Office is committed.

The Undergraduate and Graduate Student Senates have affirmed students’ responsibility to uphold academic integrity by creating student statements of academic integrity (  During orientation, first-year students sign a pledge to abide by the Undergraduate Student Senate’s affirmation of the Code of Conduct. At the first-year convocation, a representative of the Student Senate presents a binder containing those signatures to the President. This symbolic ritual highlights the core values of honesty and integrity in Lehigh’s culture.

We thank you in advance for partnering to demonstrate that Lehigh University is a community of academic integrity.

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share this piece that appeared in Tuesday’s Morning Call.


Alice Gast

Link to the Article Online

A lesson from Lehigh’s win over Duke: Believe in Yourself

March 20, 2012

Fans were beside themselves; there were deafening cheers, phones ringing off the hook, text messages, emails, tweets, Facebook posts; some 8.4 million people were riveted to the action as Lehigh University upset Duke University, an icon in the NCAA basketball tournament. We heard from friends, family, supporters and strangers from all over the world. It seemed that the world united behind Lehigh University.

While headlines like “Lehigh stuns Duke” focused on the historic upset, and people described the win as “incredible,” “unbelievable,” and “amazing,” it seems that our team members were the calmest among us. The players themselves were the ones who knew going into the game that they could win. They knew what oddsmakers, bracket pundits and fans could not: that they went to North Carolina not just to play, but to win. We are inspired by the way they won, for their display of intelligence, determination and character that we so value at Lehigh and across the Patriot League.

We admire them for the way they believed in themselves. Their incredible prowess on the court was only outdone by their intelligence and demeanor in front of the cameras. The rigorous education they receive at Lehigh and their demanding training were evident in their confidence and poise. We take their example as a reminder to all of us: Commit yourself to excellence, work hard, and believe in yourself.

Our team members epitomized another Lehigh value in their collaboration and relationships. The media noted the unity of this team and how the players frequently referred to themselves as a family. Their tribute to the Lehigh fans in Greensboro, N.C., after their loss to Xavier University demonstrated real grace at a moment of great disappointment and left a lasting impression of the team as they left the tournament. We thank Coach Brett Reed and his staff and the Lehigh faculty for instilling a strong sense of character into every team member.

We are all immensely proud of the way our students and coaches, in all of our sports, represent Lehigh University and our values and ideals. While our basketball team was making history, our wrestling team was on another national stage producing four All-Americans with the same grace and poise.

Back in South Bethlehem, our students also believed in themselves and made us proud by celebrating this momentous victory with dignity and class. All too often, celebrations of sporting victories have devolved into destructive and violent behavior. Lehigh students displayed their sheer joy after the victory over Duke, and they were civilized and respectful.

I would also like to commend Bethlehem Police Commissioner Jason Schiffer, the Bethlehem Police Department and the Lehigh University Police Department for the way they responded to the spontaneous celebration. Commissioner Schiffer and his force clearly recognized that Lehigh’s upset was monumental, and they helped ensure that the exuberant fans were able to celebrate safely. I want to thank them for their professional approach and for believing in us. I am glad we rose to the occasion.

We are also thankful for the support of those in our local community. Lehigh is proud to represent Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley on a national stage. As a university, it is gratifying to know that so many people at home believed in our team members. Many of our neighbors are there for our athletic teams, not just during national tournaments, but throughout the year — cheering at events, filling our home stands and providing the support our student athletes need to succeed.

On Monday morning, our team members were back on campus, in their classrooms, believing in themselves again — role models to us all.

Alice P. Gast is president of Lehigh University.

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Update following the annual meeting of the Endowment Committee

The Endowment Fund that our Class started is already having a big impact at Lehigh and we all should be very proud.

*The Fund expended $15,030 for the first “Speakers Series on Ethical
of which $3,396 was from the carry forward of last year’s
surplus and $6,600 from FY12 earnings, along with $5,001 in support from the
Borck Endowment Fund for Business Ethics, with the final $33 covered by the
Provost’s office (Provost Pat Farrell and Deputy Provost Jerry Lennon serve
on the Fund’s Committee, along with Paul Smith, Mike Hoben and Pete
Hagerman). The Fund had a market value of $132,681 on 6/30/12.
*The first year’s program was a big success, thanks importantly to Prof.
Joe Manzo’s efforts – a series of three speakers on April 4, 10 and 19:
- Penn. Prof. Jonathan D. Moreno: “The Body Politic: The Battle
Over Science in America”
- Best-selling author, consultant and WorldCom whistle blower
Cynthia Cooper: “The Role of Ethics in Your Career”
- Case Western Reserve U. Director of NAE, Online Ethics Center,
Caroline Whitbeck, Ph.D.: “Trustworthy Engineering”
*The Committee unanimously agreed to continue the Speakers Series for
three more years, with Prof. Joe Manzo and world renowned expert in
biomedical ethics Prof. Dena Davis (Lehigh’s new Presidential Endowed Chair
in Health) providing guidance.
*The Committee enthusiastically agreed to include the College of
Education as the fourth and equal beneficiary of the Fund’s income,
following a very positive meeting with Dean Gary Sasso and Dir. Of Dev. Rick
*We were encouraged by our meeting with CAS Dean Donald Hall and Dir. of
Dev. Nancy Stansbery. We are confident that the CAS will take appropriate
steps to satisfy our Endowment Fund’s mandatory course requirement for
*Lehigh is moving to include ethics in the Integrated Lehigh Experience.
*We are contacting “Evolution” leaders to have ethical decision-making
added to the list of topics.

Not only should ’61 be proud of our positive impact on Lehigh’s students,
but we should also be thankful to Provost Pat Farrell, Deputy Provost Jerry
Lennon, 50th Reunion Giving Dir. Karla Morales and Asst. Dir. Of Stewardship
Erika Wolfe for their support.

Clearly, Lehigh is making a difference in this critical area for our Nation.
Our impact will grow only if the Fund’s assets and income grow. Please
re-read the attached summary and consider expanding your support of Lehigh
and restricting the increase to The Ethics Endowment Fund that our Class
spearheaded. You might want to print the summary and give to members of
other classes who you know.

Finally, if you have the time, you can access the Lehigh web site for more
information about the programs and people mentioned above.

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The Kingston Trio Concert- A Wonderful Night at Zoellner

The First Nostalgia Concert at Lehigh is History

And the Kingston Trio made it more than memorable. Jack Davidson said it best calling this current trio “a gold standard replica of what we enjoyed so much”.
Yes, they hung Tom Dooley for the 14,732nd time and Charley’s wife now hands him a Starbucks as the train comes rumbling through and we well remember where the flowers have gone. This was a very special evening for a very special class. If you were there, you felt it from the start (and we had at least 45 class members plus spouses and friends amongst the crowd of 650).

Funny, Jack Davidson recalled the resistance by Lehigh for us to blow our $3000 blazer revenue on a concert for an up and coming group in 1959. In the fall of 2008,Lehigh challenged 61’s wisdom again as we suggested a second coming. Karla Morales of the Development Office says it all: “What a wonderful concert! I must tell you–and the other fellows’ involved -that the KT concert was all the talk at Reunion Weekend! Great vision, good work. Kudos to the class of ’61!”

So many to thank: Ed Watters and Joe King for believing from the get go; the financial backers from the class that put their money up against a short deadline; Ken Weaver for marketing the concert and inspiring Jack Davidson to join us against incredible obstacles; Jim Williams for publicizing the concert with WDIY and The Morning Call; George Spill for making the early events of the day both fun and meaningful; Larry Moyer for the souvenir program that captured the spirit of the concert so well; Chad Davis of the alumni office for coordinating all the logistics of the event from its earliest conception to getting the Trio on the plane the Day after, not missing a beat in the time between.

Jack Davidson! A story within the story. We are all blessed to cross this man’s path. Enjoy the Video and Jack’s classic remarks about then and now. It is not hard to realize why we were thrilled to honor his return to campus. Take a moment to enjoy the Photo Album Ken Weaver made for Jack and his family. To all the Class members who came, thanks for the support. To those of you waiting for the 50th, we’ll make it special, but count on hearing about the 48th.

As they say in Georgia, “We done real good, y’all”

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61donorsThe funding came from the members above. The Morning Call helped us bring some local followers to Zoellner. We are a remarkable class to think that over 45 of us attended the Trio event in a non-Reunion year. Keep October 17 on you calendar and return to Bethlehem for the Yale game and some class fun before and after.

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Class of 1961 Scholarship

On April 2, 2009 Lehigh held its annual Scholarship Dinner at Mountaintop Campus. stacy42

Stacy’s gratitude is expressed in a letter.

Click to read more about the Lehigh Class of 1961 Scholarship (PDF link)

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61 Challenge Scholarship winners

Class officers Joe King, Paul Smith and Ed Watters flank the 61 Challenge Scholarship winners and finalists at halftime of the Cornell game on October 4. All finalists received plaques while the 3 winners received $1000 each from the Class of 61 Scholarship Endowment funds.

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