January 2020 61 Update

Save the Date! Saturday, June 12, 2021.

The Classes of 1961 and 2011 are having a celebration.

Celebrating 10 Years together for Lehigh!

We’re breaking the mold with a joint class Dinner & Party as part of our 60th and 10th Reunions.

The legacy we have left at Lehigh is alive and well and will continue as several members of 2011 and other later classes join our various advisory boards.

We will continue our 61 Symposium to update the status of our ongoing programs-Class Scholarship, 61 Professors, Tressolini Lectures, Ethical Study Endowment and the 611 Scholarship Award.

On the fun side we will dig back to our Goldilocks-led Hi Ho sketch of 2011 to create a winning scheme. Of course, there is always enough time to catch up with friends while enjoying seeing changes in the campus.

Make sure you mark that date- June 12, 2021- Guaranteed to be a memorable event.

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Current Funds with 61 Involved

The Endowment for the Teaching of Ethical Decision Making thrives today with thanks to many of you who have made gifts to that fund. Initiated in 2009 by Mike Hoben and Pete Hagerman, we continue to expand our outreach to Lehigh undergraduates with a second Symposium competition last spring. This event complements the three 4 O’clock ethics speakers events over the last 5 years. Enjoy the recent story about Mike and the Endowment from Acumen, the College of Arts and Sciences quarterly magazine at this LINK.

We resumed the 611 Challenge Scholarship program along with our friends we adopted back in 2007, the Class of 2011. It is our hope to have this class carry on those areas requiring ongoing funding into the future. This scholarship awards cash awards to 2 members of the 3 upper classes based on academics, Lehigh and community service and their passion for Lehigh. Detailed information  can be found at this LINK.

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