Fall 2017 Update

With another summer rapidly flying by it is time to plan our next 61 happening.

On September 23rd Lehigh will host the Penn Quakers  at Goodman Stadium  During the first quarter we will be presenting the winners of the 2017 611 Challenge Scholarships with their awards on the 40 Yard line . We invite any from the class who wants to join us as part of this celcbration. More on our plans for that day later. More information about this scholarship is on our page (LINK) as well on the Lehigh site (LINK).

We are happy to report a successful conclusion of the 2017 Challenge Scholarship Awards. Many thanks to Jim Williams, Ryan Spirko ’16 Awardee, Sri Rao ’11 Awardee for taking time to help Ed Watters along with Chad Davis and Lindsay Kerr of Lehigh staff for their help in the process. It was no easy task to identify 6 winners from 78  applicants.

We are grateful for contributions both from our class and beyond- our friends from 2011 and also from prior winners giving back.

Enjoy a note of thanks from current recipient, Vicky Lattanzio ’17. (LINK)We are gathering support now beyond our class- from prior Challenge winners as well as our 611 friends from the class of 2011.

Even after 50 years our class still gives back. The Endowment for the Teaching of Ethical Decision Making initiated in 2009 by Mike Hoben and Pete Hagerman is now firmly established at Lehigh thanks to your support and a large bequest by Pete.

The 611 Challenge Scholarship is becoming an annual student competition of interest. Note we have linked a campus article that describes both history and prospect for the program. At our 55th Reunion Roy Cravzow suggested we endow this so that future undergraduates will continue to participate as active members of the Lehigh Family starting before they leave campus.

While time will not always allow us to keep a major physical presence at Lehigh, adding 611 to our prior endowments will be especially monitored by our friends from 2011.  It is our hope that they continue all our legacies and ultimately pass them along to the class of 2061.

Lastly, a reminder that the 611 Challenge Scholarship is a program honoring early greatness in our current undergraduates. Roy Cravzow has been a strong proponent of this program both in support and setting the goal to endow it.

We hope you can join us in making this happen. Look for more information coming from Ed Watters an myself about ways to help this endowment and also about coming together both during and after the Penn game.

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