611 Scholarship Info

The 611 Merit Scholarship Award is presented to the members of ’61 through a Steering Committee of members noted below. At the same time members of ’11 have initiated a parallel program in a similar fashion. Both class committees work together as needed.

Previously the 611 award was set-up by ’61 in partnership with ’11 to recognize outstanding undergraduate achievements, academic excellence, contributions to Lehigh, service to the local or international community and overall involvement with Lehigh and its future. Accordingly, these criteria for selection will be applied to the merit scholarship.

Our expectation is that the important overall involvement with the university will be demonstrated by each awardee after graduation with both financial contributions and the encouragement of classmates to be avid Lehigh supporters. The scholarship will be granted annually for a worthy student’s junior and senior years.

As a foundation for the award, we are seeking classmates who would make a one time donation up to $6,000 and also to designate a $10,000 bequest from their estate to Lehigh. All classmates are asked to contribute annually to the endowment as well as consider the $10,000 bequest.  There will be a second solicitation in 2022. We expect to offer a scholarship this academic year using the remaining funds in the previous award.

We are working with the class of 2011 to continue our relationship by having its members as annual contributors to the endowment and also making $10,000 estate bequests. Winners of previous 611 awards will also be asked to participate. A joint committee from both classes have posted a Facebook page that will serve to highlight our mutual progress.

We believe establishing this endowment will enable our class, as well as our partners in 2011, to leave an indeliblle mark as important contributors to Lehigh’s future by helping the development of potential new alumni leaders. By combining support from classes joined by adoption we have added to the legacy of 2 classes and challenge adopting classes of the future to do the same. For more information feel free to contact any member of the Steering Committee by email.

Paul Smith <paul@timezoneus.com>

Ed Watters <eaw3jd@gmail.com>

Dave Hapke <hagr1@aol.com>

Bob Paternoster <robertpaternoster@yahoo.com>

Toby James <ptjames@swbell.net>

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