55th Reunion & Symposium Summary

61 Class Reunion Dinner in the UC was attended by over 30 members and their spouses. Great food, refreshment and friendship. Pictures and
highlights to follow.

Tom Langmaack and his one man band provided just the right atmosphere to stir the social juices

Class of 61 Symposium- featured updates by Paul Smith and Jim Williams for the class as well as undergraduates and Lehigh staff about current Lehigh and 61.

Dr. Ginny McSwain, Professsor of Physics and a recently named Class of 1961 Professor told us about reeasrch on EB stars.

Dean Donald Hall of the College of Arts and Sciences related how the Ethics Endowment is supported by the Tri College Conference, a Symposium that the CAS  runs annually.

Karla Morales related the ongoing efforts of our own class in supporting the Ethics Endowment mentioned in greater detail below. She also told how the University has honored Pete Hagerman by engraving his name on the Walk of Fame (sadly Pete passed away a few days before this was done).

Chad Davis took a break from overseeing the transportation logistics for Lehigh to update the class on our new 611 Challenge Scholarship. See the page for more details.

We brought the class up to date on our 1981 class gift endowments: class scholars, the 61 Professors and the Tressolini Lectures.

Several of our adopted friends from the Class of 2011 attended and related how special they felt about our 611 relationship. They are helping support this new fund with our long range plan to pass this on to them and ultimately to the Class of 2061. How’s that for long range planning?

The closing presenter was Ryan Spirko, Class of 2016 and a recent recipient of a 611 Challenge Scholarship. And he left us with a WOW! He related how a kid from Easton had never been far away from home till he went to Lehigh. Since then he has visited 10 countries, interned in 2 of them for KPMG (his new employer) and had a full experience at Lehigh. On his own he created the Lehigh leadership luncheon by contacting leaders from all phases of activities (from Drama to Football) suggesting tht all campus leaders should attend. And they did. He is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity which recently was recolonized with much help from our own Joe Celauro. Tasting a little leadership at the fraternity was the impetus to start his bigger luncheon project. Ryan is just one of 6 wonderful stories of Lehigh passion personified. Certainly made our 611 class members proud.  After Ryan finished, Roy Cravzow said it best- We should endow this program.