611 Scholarship Award Program

Since adopting the Class of 2011 at The Rally on August 25, 2007, the Classes of 1961 and 2011 have forged a relationship that has been built on a passion for Lehigh – understanding its rich traditions and having a desire for future successes.

One aspect of this relationship was the creation of the ‘611’ Challenge Award, a way for the Class of ’61 to recognize outstanding individuals within the Class of 2011 who displayed an extreme passion for Lehigh and the Class of ’11, while also demonstrating strong leadership abilities, service to others and a commitment to academic excellence.

Years later, the Classes of ’61 and 2011 have come together again, continuing this spirit – for current undergraduate students. This award serves as a way to recognize outstanding undergraduate students who have displayed an extreme passion for Lehigh, while continuing the tradition of strong leadership, service to others, and academic excellence.

The first award was presented by the Classes of ’61 and ’11 to two members of the  sophomore, junior and senior classes, based on the following criteria:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75
  • Leadership
  • Contributions to Lehigh University and their class
  • Service to Lehigh University and the general community

Each class has two award winners who will receive a $1,500 award in the name of the Classes of 1961 and 2011, as a sign of appreciation for their hard work and commitment to the future success of Lehigh University.  It is the “challenge” of the Classes of ’61 and ’11 that these individuals will carry on a similar spirit of giving to Lehigh as they become alumni.

At the conclusion of the Symposium Roy Cravzow summed it up best saying “We have to endow this great program” and Dave Hapke signed on as a volunteer member of the 611 Challenge Committee.

The 611 Scholarship Campaign  began in early February, 2016 with candidate selection completed in March. Senior Awards were given at a luncheon in April. The 2016 Awardees were recognized on the field during the Lehigh-Princeton  football game on September 24. Members of both classes, 1961 and 2011 are encouraged to contribute to this program and its perpetuity.


Please lend your support. Mail Checks payable to Lehigh University with “611 Challenge Fund” referenced on your check. Send to:

Lehigh University

Attn: Lindsey Kerr, Alumni Bldg.

27 Memorial Drive West

Bethlehem, PA 18015                     Or, use your credit card online with this LINK