61+11=611: Our Relationship Continues

Adoption of the class fifty years behind us is part of a long Lehigh tradition. We decided it was too much form and not enough substance so we determined to make the adoption more than just a “Freshman-Alumni Rally” experience.

We did begin our relationship with the Rally in August 2007 and added to the Rally event several presentations/tours which showed us the amazing renovations to Linderman Library, Zoellner Arts Center, the Financial Services Laboratory and a discussion on the Martindale Scholars program with Professor Richie Aaronson. We led the Parade of Classes behind the Lehigh band, gave the entire class LU611 Bracelets and admonished them to beat hell out of Lafayette to paraphrase the words of Percy Sadler to us in 1957.

Our officers have stayed in contact with many of our friends from 2011 as they are now out in the world in some very exciting places and positions. We are working with other 50 year classes encouraging them to keep a relationship with their adopted classes.