Expanding the ’61 Legacy


Class of 61 Endowments

Endowment for the Study of Ethics: Our Class is currently working with the University to create an Endowment Fund available to each of the 3 colleges for the purpose of making the Study of Ethics a requirement for graduation. To date the Class has pledged seed funds of $25,000 with a goal to see $100,000 raised by end of 2009. With ethics failures such as Madoff and Enron challenging society, today the Class wants to see Lehigh take a leadership position in this field. To this end Class members Pete Hagerman and Mike Hoben have chaired a Class committee to bring a meaningful program to fruition.

Professorial Endowments: This has been a most successful program since it was endowed in 1981. The Class of 1961 professor endowment has provided funding for the use of 51 newly tenured professors. By adding an additional $250,000 to this endowment we hope to expand the possibilities available to our faculty in areas of publishing, research and other activities beyond campus. Already, each year at Founders Day the Class is recognized as new Professors are named. We can only expect more continued recognition for our gifts.

Scholarship Endowments: Currently one student, Stacy Heideloff ’11, is a 61 Scholar. We can take pride in the many graduates who received help since our Class Gift initiated the program 27 years ago. Additional funds as available from our Reunion Fund will be added to this Endowment in the expectation of multiple scholars at any given time.

Tressolini Lectures: This lecture series has enabled Lehigh to bring prominent national figures to campus to speak about law related topic

Lehigh Fund

These gifts are used for annual operating expenses of the university. The major objective of the Lehigh fund is unrestricted gifts which are used for multiple purposes including scholarships. Our current plan includes immediate funding of a challenge scholarships to be awarded to a members of our adopted Class of 2011. Our current plan includes immediate funding of a challenge scholarship to be awarded to a member of our adopted Class of 2011. However, Lehigh Fund gifts can be designated for specific purposes such as Athletic Partnership, Zoellner Arts Center, Program and Education Accounts for Greek Chapters among many others.

To encourage giving by the Class of 2011, we are considering providing matching funds if they meet participation and/or amount goals during their time as undergraduates and during the first five years they are alumni.


An attractive way to maximize current funds and still aid Lehigh is to name the University as a beneficiary in your will. By earmarking a minimum of $10,000, a donor becomes a member of the Lehigh Tower Society. Our Class has set a goal of 61 members of the Society by 2011

The specific use of the 50th Reunion Fund as well as the capital gift and the endowment gift will be determined by Class Officers with the advice of all classmates prior to the 50th reunion.