Kingston Trio 1959


Who would have thunk it?



Back in 1958, the leaders of the then sophomore 1961 Class of Lehigh wanted to do something “different” to raise funds for their class gift to the University.


A new group called the Kingston Trio had just released their first album (cleverly titled The Kingston Trio) that contained a very popular single, Tom Dooley. The Class decided to contract with the Trio for a concert at Grace Hall in the fall of 1959. The University was not pleased, insisting that it was far too risky to commit so much money for a virtually unknown group. Nevertheless, the class persisted and signed them up.



The class sold tickets at the exorbitant rate of $2 a ticket to an oversold Grace Hall.

The rest is history. We made a $6000 killing that we preceded to blow on our infamous class clambake in the spring of 1960. Anybody want to buy a used commode?